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Landy's Bio

The greatest challenges in organic farming are navigating the agriculture business and mother nature. Landy, the Director of Agriculture for SBHG and General Manager of Tank House Farms, is an expert at navigating both.


Raised in rural Minnesota on a 350-acre “funny farm” filled with exotic animals, Landy was born to be in agriculture. His family was one of the pioneers of full-integrity farming when they switched to organic practices in 1997, and he has been pursuing sustainable, full-circle farming ever since.


Landy moved to California in 2009 and spent time working for Gott’s Roadside and Eierman Consulting. In 2013 he founded Landarosa Farms in Vacaville, which was the featured farm at the renowned Tower Dinner in Sacramento in 2018.


Landy has a wide range of agricultural expertise—from beekeeping, to poultry science, to soil health. A product of Colorado College where he studied Philosophy and Economics, exploring both the “why” and “how” of farming, Landy is educating the next generation through an internship program through UC Davis because, as he says, “the world needs more organic farmers.”


In the farming world, April 1 signifies the start of the season where the “dirt needs to move.” According to Landy, a good farmer gets 50 April 1st’s. He’s had 26. And he’s only in his 30’s.


For Landy, the best is yet to come.


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